Clean room ESD fingers cots without latex
    anti-static finger cots are made of natural latex and anti-static material. with a large package of 500g per pack,widely used in microelectronics, computer,communications,semiconductor assembly

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    Clean room ESD fingers cots without latex, anti-static finger cots are made of natural latex and anti-static material. Large package: 500g / pack vacuum packaging (900 or so / pack) Scope: used in microelectronics, computer, communications, semiconductor assembly.Precision components and biomedical, chemical, clean clean room, Electronic product assembly, 100-1000 level clean room.

    Performance: anti-static finger sets of the main role is the hand protection equipment to prevent fingertip wear caused by toxic substances, to avoid direct contact with the operator parts and components to prevent employees from hand sweat, dust pollution caused by the product but also to avoid nails Leaving scratches on the product.

    Anti-static finger cots made of anti-static latex, without silicone oil, ammonia, surface resistance is how, effectively prevent static electricity. Suitable for operation static sensitive components, strict control of static electricity to produce low dust treatment, suitable for use in clean room.
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