Anti-Static Clothing
    Anti-stact clothing can effectively remove the static electricity generated by the human body, with excellent anti-static dustproof performance; without dust,wearing comfortable,resistant to washing,available for both men and women,size custom design, color optional.

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    The anti-static clothing made of polyester filament and high-performance permanent conductive fiber woven by a special process, with excellent and durable anti-static dust-proof performance, can effectively release the body electrostatic. Common colors are white, blue, red, yellow, green and orange.Anti-static clothing: coat, split, coverall, long-sleeved jacket, short-sleeved jacket jacket. Clothes fabric: 5MM striped fabric conductive silk, made of polyester filament fiber and imported conductive wire woven. Scope: electrostatic sensitive area, clean area, 100, 1000, 10000 grade cleanroom, widely used in electronics, medicine, chip, optics, aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, hospital, laboratory, biological engineering and other industries.

    Size details list for the anti-static clothing
    Size body Tall
    S 155-160CM
    M 161-165CM
    L 166-170CM
    XL 171-175CM
    XXL 176-180CM
    XXXL 181-185CM
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