automatic solder paste mixer
    Ecomiss automatic solder paste mixer is used for mixing the solder paste before PCB printing in SMT production,make sure the soldering quanity is good,and get a good quanity for the PCBA

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    Because of the long storage time, the solder paste will form some precipitation in the storage container, if without mixing treatment, may affect the SMT process quality, especially welding conponents of the PCBA. We can use the Ecomiss solder paste mixer in the production of PCBA,before printing the solder paste onto the PCB, make it even. With our Ecomiss solder paste mixer, the problem will be solved every well. To ensure the quality of PCBA.

    specification of the Ecomiss solder cream mixer
    Dimension of the solder paste mixer 410mm*410mm*490mm
    Net wight of the solder paste mxing machine 45kg
    Power supply 220V,50Hz
    Wattage 60W
    RPM 1400 for 1st time,400 for 2nd time
    Capacity 500g *2cans
    LED display available
    Time set available

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