Anti-static control,ESD Introduction from Ecomiss Technology

    Anti-static control,ESD Introduction
    1. Connecting to the ground, to connect the static electricity through a line into the earth, which is anti-static measures. with anti-static wrist and work table surface to grounding. 
    2. Static shielding, Electrostatic sensitive components in the storage or transportation process will be exposed to a static area, with electrostatic shielding method can weaken the external static electricity on the impact of electronic components. The most common method is to use an electrostatic shielding bag as a protection.
    3. Ion neutralization, the insulator is often easy to produce static electricity, the static elimination of the insulator, with the grounding method is invalid, the commonly used method is ion neutralization, that is, in the work environment using ion fan, ion gun for neutralization
    So there are four ways to control static,to change the invironment,to use ESD packaging,to train the operators,to apply the anti-static device
    Anti-static control introduction

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